The Philosophy of Training
I cannot say it any better than this quote from Jo Johnson, CA about training a “bridle horse” in the Vaquero tradition:”Building a bridle horse is a little like a great marriage, I think: you must be firm and unwavering in your dedication to the relationship. You must have great communication skills: that is, be willing to find a way to “talk” together so your horse understands and can learn. And you must be open to the fact that each of you will have to revisit and rethink things together, as time goes by and you both grow. You must be forgiving of the little mistakes, and realize they can be fixed. You must be honest with yourself, and with how things are progressing. You must accept responsibility when things are not going as you might like. You cannot be judgmental, become angry – or worse yet loose your temper – because when that happens we might “say” things we wish we hadn’t. You must forever let go of the EGO.”

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 The Tools of Training

You can have the right attitude for training a horse, but you also need the tools for successful training.

The most important tools are clear objectives. If you do not know exactly, what you want to accomplish, you will not be able to make any progress. Or to say it in other words, if you do not know your precise destination, you will not know when you get there.

Second, you need to know the basics of behavioral management. You need to know how to shape and control the behavior and performance of your horse.

You can find more on this – and a lot more thoughts about training – in a series of articles, I have written. To download the articles for free, click on the link below and then click on “File” and “Save as” in your browser. You get back here with the “Back” button.

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