I could tell you a lot of things about Morgans, but I think I just let a man speak, who probably has forgotten more about horses than most of us know.

The March 2010 issue of the Morgan Horse Magazine honored Ray Ordway as the “Dean of the Living Vaqueros”. Here is what Ray had to say about Morgans:

“Morgans had a good back for the type of saddle they (the vaqueros) rode. As Russell Hill would say, “They’ve got a place for a saddle.” The Morgan horse was very smart, quick learning, gentle and enduring. and most were not bad buckers. A Morgan will stand for no roughness, so the vaquero style of training worked extremely well for them. The vaqueros also liked the Morgans because of their strong resemblance in both appearance and character to the old Spanish horses. I think they both went back to Barb ancestors. A sport horse type Morgan is an ideal stock horse for the Vaquero. Many of the Morgans in the early days were used for long distance and stagecoach work; they were all very usable horses, level headed with common sense and good dispositions. They had good lines, good action and were straight gaited, upheaded, uphill horses, crackerjacks. The best horses all had some Morgan blood in them.”

There are more than 125 years of vaquero family tradition speaking – no reason to add anything.


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